Disc Jockeys have been gaining in popularity as dance entertainment over the past few years. A good Disc Jockey outfit comes equipped with thousands of songs spanning several decades and every musical taste. Bands have clear limitations in the number of songs and variety of music they can offer. Going to an event with a band is like going to a concert. Bands are often more fun to sit around and watch than a Disc Jockey, and Disc Jockeys are much more fun to get up and dance to than a band. The ability to play music, continuously without breaks, from their tremendous selection of original dance songs, is the primary reason Disc Jockeys are far more popular when it comes to entertaining the variety of ages that often are present at an event. One last thing to consider, Disc Jockeys are usually less expensive than bands; often half the cost.

Why should I use a disc jockey entertainment service instead of a live band?


A DJ service has less staff to rely on to show up and provide an optimum performance.


The larger the guest list, the more variety in music is needed. Live bands are usually limited to what they can play well. Our extensive music library can keep any crowd happy.


People like to dance to the music they are familiar with. We play the original versions of your favorite music.


Fewer personnel at your affair can mean lower cost to you. Our professional staff will provide your favorite music at a reasonable rate.


A DJ service can tailor the sound level much easier than a live band can. We will reduce the volume level during cocktails and meals to allow your guests to chat comfortably; music will typically be played somewhat louder during dancing, but this is totally at your discretion. We also use powerful equalization techniques to adjust our sound system to the reception room, making the sound pleasing to you and your guests.


DJ Services tend to offer more activities than bands. Our disc jockey's will lead your guests in various games, contests, specialty dances, line dancing, etc., all to encourage more active participation by all of your guests.


Non-stop Entertainment:
Every band needs to take breaks over the course of the night, something that DJs dont need to do. Most bands will simply put on a CD when they take a break so there is no gap in the music, but what about the sudden change in atmosphere when the band stops playing? Also, who is paying attention to the crowd reaction to the recorded music when the band is out of the room, and making adjustments accordingly?

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