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Knight's Magic Medieval Children's Magic Show!

Things in the world of certain wizard do not always go according to plan...usually with hilarious and mystifying results!!!

Join Marc Davante' as he enrolls your child and guests in his special wizarding school then takes them all on a magical jouney that will keep them spellbound.


Amazing magic show with a Harry Potter like theme.


Things will appear and dissappear, pop out from out of nowhere, be broken and suddenly restored, magically transmorgified changing from one thing to another! Most of these amazing acts happen right in the kids very own hands!


Madcap and Zany from beginning to end. Your fledgling wizards will be whisked away on a whirlwind journey through mystical lands throughout the world and throughout time itself!


Each child will receive a momento of their mystical journey and of course a 100% certified graduating diploma from one of the most prestigeous colleges of wizardry!


Guest(s) of honor will recieve an extra special token of their very own!


Make Marc Davante' appear at your child's next special occasion and watch the amazement and laughter build to a rip roaring crecsendo!


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