Dance Light and Laser Packages!


Basic Dance Light Show.
Don't sacrifice quality just because you are on a budget. Designed to impress, our basic lighting package fills the room with cool beams of light and lasers that keep time with the beat of the music. A great lighting package that won't break your budget! A must have for any youth or Sweet 16 party!

Our amazing dance lighting features all intelligent DMX light effects that will turn any venue into a high energy dance club!!! Featuring inovative features like, mirrorless mirror ball, stay cool LED lighting effects, and much much more. Even our exclusive light box mounting technology becomes part of the show, no more cumbersome light trusses and ugly exposed wiring. Everything is kept neat, clean, and entirely self contained in one amazing high tech unit! Your guests will enjoy dancing the night away as they not only hear and feel the beat of the music but enjoy an incredible visual experience of a recreated NY CLUB DANCE LIGHT SHOW! It's a sensory overload that will take your next event to the next level and beyond.

Club Lazer Light Upgrade for  Club Dance Lighting Package.
Incredible, amazing, over the top, and off the hook! We can't say enough about the newest addition to our Dance Light line up. Not just your ordinary boring red and green lasers, this just won't do for Superstar Entertainment and our valued clients! We add lasers in all colors of the rainbow to our already spectacular Dance Light Shows:

How's that for color?

But that's not all our Lasers do!!!
Our intelligent Laser Sound System is incorporated into each Laser which means, they will sing, sway, rotate, change color, and more, all in perfect sync with our DJ, Karaoke, or Music Video Shows!

That's still not enough for us!
We've taken it even one step further. Our lasers don't just project single beams of high intensity light, they draw shapes like stars, exploding stars, rotating and twinkling, turn into web like 3-D patterns, split into multi-colored beams, the possibilities are endless! These lasers really excite and delight the dance crowd!

Take excitement to the next level when you add our exclusive Laser Light System to our Club Dance Light Show!