Karaoke singers, many of you have used one or more of the following lines in order to "move up in rotation." Well, we're on to you!  You can't fool us. Listed are the top reasons why "I Have To Sing Next!"

1. I have to go home.

2. I can sing that song so much better.

3. I'm a friend of _________and he/she said I can sing next anytime I want.

4. My girlfriend/boyfriend is awesome. Let her/him sing next.

5. I'm leaving in 10 minutes.

6. I have to go to work in the morning (so who doesn't?)

7. It's _______'s birthday, please let them sing.

8. I have to leave for another karaoke show.

9. I own this place.

10. The owner said I could.

11. I need to sing now so I can start drinking.

12. I have finally had enough to drink and I have to sing before I get too drunk.

13. My friends dared me and if I don't sing now I never will.

14. I have to catch a plane.

15. My boss (or a talent agent) is in the audience and wants to hear me sing!

16. I'm drunk and don't know what I'm doing.

17. I spend a lot of money in this club.

18. If I don't sing next I'm going to the club down the street and taking all of my friends with me.

19. My relatives are in town visiting and they're leaving to go back home tomorrow.

20. I'll give you a tip!

21. I signed up hours ago and you haven't called me up yet.

22. I signed up last night and you never called me up to sing.

23. We're all here together and we want to sing "Love Shack."

24. I have to go to church in the morning (especially popular in the Bible Belt).

25. I'm trying to get this girl's/guy's attention and want to impress them with my singing.

26. I'm old and can't stay up any later.

So, singers, be more creative and come up with some different excuses (not that they'll work either) for we've heard all of them way too many times!