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  • Wedding Dance Lighting: Elegance meets excitement with our any of our tasteful dance lighting and laser packages designed especially for weddings.We love lights and effects and it shows.  We have put together an incredible, state of the art, light system that flashes, moves, rocks, and rolls to the beat of the music. Create a memorable experience as you and your guests dance the night away and under our wedding dance lighting. Imagine the atmosphere we can create with endless streams of multi-colored lights that seem to capture every pulse pounding bass beat of the latest club mix. When it's time for those romantic slow dances, our computer controlled lighting will create a soft and dreamy atmosphere that will insure love is in the air. We use state of the art L.E.D. dance lighting, this means sharper brighter output and no heat generation. Our lights can run all night and never heat up the room like older systems, so your guests stay cool as they get down and boogie under the most sophisticated dance lights available today.

  • Elegant Uplighting: Create a stunning atmosphere as you customize our stay cool uplights to illuminate any spot in the room. Create a wall of color right behind your head table, highlight your wedding cake masterpiece, draw attention to any part of the room you choose. We can custom blend the colors of our uplights to match the colors in your wedding or we can set them to any color you choose! Uplighting is a great add on for those who desire a sofistcated touch.

  • GOBO Light: Imagine your names or initials in stunning lights! Our next generation LED GOBO light will project on any flat surface and you can choose to have the image rotate or remain fixed. We work with you to create a custom GOBO image that will add to the style and flair of your reception.

  • Music Video Shows: It's the next level of ultra-entertainment, first of it's kind made affordable to the public exclusively by Superstar Entertainment. The latest and possibly greatest addition to the Superstar Entertainment line up is our all new, amazing Music Video Show. We've taken it to the next level and added a complete visual experience to go with our incredible audio show. The crowd will go wild as our VJ's (Video Jockeys) mix all your favorite music videos on our state of the art 14 foot video screen. High Definition All the Way! High Definition is the name of the game when we bring in our HD LCD Video Projector! Imagine the fun you'll create as your guests not only hear their favorite songs, but also watch their favorite artists come to life in High Definition VIDEO! Make your next occasion one they'll never forget as we keep the videos going and the fun flowing. Your guests will feel like they have been transported to an ultra trendy NY or Hollywood Club as they dance and party all night long. It's almost like having all your favorite music stars of today and yesterday right there in the room with you, bigger than life! People actually clap and cheer when their favorite artist appears on the giant video screen, they think thay are at a concert. Our state of the art video show gets everyone involved and the party goes into overdrive! Exclusive Video Mixes! Superstar Entertainment has taken the next level of entertainment and made it even more unbelievable! The mix masters at Superstar Entertainment have created amazing video mixes of the most popular songs from all style's of music. Superstar Entertainment is also involved in a talented pool of VJ's from across the globe who are utilizing thier craft to create tons of incredible mixes. Using all these resources Superstar Entertainment has thousands of incredible music videos on hand to use at your next event! Even the Video Screen Is a Star. For an out of sight video show like ours, an ordinary video screen just wouldn't do. Our space age video screen, made by the innovator's of video screens at DJ Screen, can be formed into amazingly hip shapes not just a boring old rectangle. Not only that, our screen is coated with the same silver screen material used in movie theaters so the image looks like it's going to pop right off the screen! If you want your event to be unique and completely over the top, book our one of a kind Superstar Entertainment Music Video Show today!

  • Wedding Karaoke After Party: Karaoke and  weddings? Believe it or not we've had clients use our karaoke service to keep the fun going after their reception with great success. Karaoke is tons of fun and it gives people who don't dance a chance to shine and have fun . Some folks won't sing by themselves at first but they will come up with a group of friends. The next thing you know they want to sing all night! Don't worry though that's where the true karaoke pros at Superstar Entertainment come in. We keep it fair for all your guests and most impotant of all, we keep it fun! Our digital vocal processors make sure each singer sounds great and our huge song collection insures everyone will have a song they want to sing. We truly make our clients the stars of the show!

  • Strolling Magician: Imagine the fun your guests will have as a master magician amazes them with feats of magic and illusion right at their own table! Close up and personal magic will leave them speechless. They'll be guessing about how it was done for weeks after your reception, but we'll never tell! This is no ordinary pick-a-card magic, this is the stuff of legend! Sometimes, while the pictures are being taken and other post-ceremony activities are occurring, it can be a while before the newlyweds make their way to the reception area. A room full of strangers waiting for the newlyweds to arrive can be a little uncomfortable. The Wedding Magician's Walk Around Magic will help break the ice and get the guests talking, laughing and having fun. Often during the reception, there are lulls in the entertainment  while photos are being taken, before the meal is served, and throughout the reception. Even during the music and dancing, many guests simply sit at their tables watching. Wedding Magic is a fun and elegant way to engage everyone: out-of-town friends, grumpy grandparents, bored teens and everyone in between. Magic brings people together, an unexpected and memorable form of entertainment that appeals to everyone.


We have been honored to help make so many wedding receptions picture perfect through the years and we hope we can continue this proud tradition with your very special day! With so many services to offer, it's impossible to list them all on this web page!


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