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Incredible Revenue Generating Karaoke Shows

For Any Venue!


We here at Superstar Entertainment Pride ourselves on being one of the leading innovators in the karaoke entertainment industry with over 25 years of experience.
Our vast inventory of state of the art equipment like professional digital DJ and
dedicated 100% Legal Karaoke equipment, vocal processors, and more help us
create new ideas in entertainment that help bar, club, restaurant, and pub owners
draw huge crowds and make tons of money!

Our Karaoke Show is the best for a number of reasons.

The concept is simple:

  • Some people come out to do karaoke.

  • Some people come out just to watch.



What do all these people have in common?
They all want to have a good time and be entertained!

How do we satisfy the whole crowd?

  • Give them what they want!

  • Karaoke singers entertain the crowd. They have fun, plus people buy them drinks for singing and they bring their friends in to cheer them on!

  • Mix it up with an awesome DJ using an all digital state of the art karaoke system that fades in popular songs when one singer is done and another is coming up to the microphone and you’ve got a non-stop, money making, entertainment machine!


Our Karaoke System has it all:

  • Thousands of 100% Legal Karaoke songs, constantly updated to keep the singers coming back for more.

  • Key and Tempo changers. The singers love these features.

  • Automatic Singer History. The singers feel like regulars instantly.

  • Scrolling Marquee. We can display the words on any number of TV’s in your establishment. This lets the crowd sing along and be part of the show, plus it encourages them to come up and sing!

  • The Scrolling Marquee let’s the singers know who’s singing next and can constantly display any message you choose: Drink Specials, Food Specials, the sky’s the limit!



Unrivaled Promotional Support!


We appreciate our valued clients allowing us to entertain at their venues and we go above and beyond to help them promote the wonderful
entertainment we provide for them.
Below are some of the ways Superstar Entertainment will help bring the crowds into your establishment:

  • Our following of regulars.

  • We supply you with a colorful banner advertising your new karaoke show.

  • Networking (Word of mouth)

  • Social Networking:

    • Facebook

    • Youtube

    • Our Blog

  • Direct email newsletters to all our past clients and subscribers.

  • Listing on the #1 karaoke mobile phone and web app.

  • Listing on various local and national Karaoke Facebook Pages with thousands of subscribers!!!

  • Listing on the Superstar Entertainment’s “Come See Us Live” webpage.

  • We keep all our digital media info current so all our fans know where to find us.


All this coupled with your promotional advertising virtually guarantees your venue will be jumping when Superstar Entertainment is in the house!!!


Give us a call today and try out the #1 revenue generating Karaoke Shows on the planet!