Superior Sound Systems.
Our professional sound system is state of the art and top of the line.  Featuring names like JBL and Peavey.  Let's face it speakers are the meat of any sound system, it's where the rubber hits the road and we spared no expense to insure we are providing our clients with the best sounding speakers money can buy. For decades, horn designers were faced with trade-offs between well controlled coverage, low distortion, and good frequency response. Our speakers use proprietary algorithms which give them the best performance in all three areas. We've all heard shows where the sound was plenty loud and the music was kicking but there just wasn't any energy. Could be that the problem was inadequate bass. If your goal is to get the crowd out on the dance floor, there's no better way to do it than with plenty of tight, punchy, powerful bass. We've done years research and there's no better way to get that kind of bass than with a JBL or Peavey speaker system! We use 100% digital sound equipment controlled by our specially designed computer for unsurpassed accuracy and clarity. The mixes and effects we produce using our patented DJ  and KJ software were unimaginable in the old days of vinyl and CD's!!! Our amps and mics are specially selected for their clarity to power ratio.This digital equipment allows us access to well over hundreds of thousands of songs at a moments notice. The music keeps flowing and the party never stops! We spare no expense in any aspect of our business and our selection is no exception. Our song selection grows weekly so we always have the songs you want to sing or hear!!! Your music, your way, all the time, every time, GUARANTEED!!!
Dazzling "next-gen" Dance Lighting and Lasers!
With the superior sound system in place there is only one more thing that could take the party to the next level. Our dance light shows are designed to dazzle and impress. We use state of the art LED lighting that is designed to pulse and sway and flash away, all in perfect sync with the music! LED lighting stays cool so we can keep them running flawlessly all night long. Our multi-color lasers feature the latest in diffusion technology Imagine having hundreds of beams covering the dance floor in an explosion of dazzling laser light that rotates, splits up, and pulses to the beat of the music! Our lasers also use stay cool technology for an all night, laser light spectacular! The only thing heating up the dance floor will be your guests! We've designed our light shows based on the high end shows you might expect to see in the city clubs. Computer controlled intelligent lighting insures the right lights are on the floor at the precise moments they need to be. Dedicated lighting technicians run the whole show. Add on a Superstar Entertainment "Basic Dance Lighting Package" and your party will rocket to the next level of fun, or go all out and add on our "Club Dance Lighting Package" and enjoy a sound and sight sensory overload!


High Definition All the Way!
Our music video shows and outdoor movie shows are top notch. We use only the latest High Definition LCD projectors with plenty of luminens to back them up. This means the image we project will be bright and crystal clear! Our BluRay players are top of the line, putting out true 1080dpi. The combo of our  state of the art projectors and BluRay players results in a dazzling viewing experience! We procees and then project amazing eye popping images on our exclusive movie theater quality silver screen from DJsceen. They are a respected name in movie screen manufacturer's and the quality of their screens is unrivaled. Combine all this with our crystal clear digital sound systems and you get complete sensory overload.


No expense has been spared when purchasing and constantly updating our equipment. We want our valued clients to truly enjoy their sensory  experience and have complete confidence that they have hired the very best in audio and visual entertainment. Remember our reputation depends on it!