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Paranormal Parties


Are you thrilled by things that go bump in the night? Do you love when a cold chill runs down your spine? Have you ever wanted an up close encounter with the unknown? Paranormal Parties has your ticket for a trip into the mysteries of the unexplained! Venture forth to learn more...if you dare...

Gory Details  
100% Audience Participation!!!
Marc Davante' will immerse you and your guests in a mesmerizing often terrifying performance, designed to impress on a grand scale. Marc does not stand before you and perform, he sits right down with your group and leads them to an up  close and personal encounter with the unknown! Every performance is different and can be custom tailored to your specifications. No two shows are ever the same! Due to the unpredictable nature of Marc's demonstrations, results can be hilarious, mind boggling, shocking, and sometimes terrifying!

Something for Everyone.
You will witness all the events listed below and more, up close and personal, right in the comfort of your own home or other suitable gathering place!

Mind Control
Paranormal Activity

What Happens During a Paranormal Party?
Due to the unpredictable nature of the subject matter it is almost impossible to list in detail or any specific order what will occur at your specific party. Based on our experience of past performances here are just a few things that have occured:

Objects move.
Persons controlled by unseen forces.
Mind Reading.

Paranormal Activities Including:
Cold Spots.
Physical Contact.

This is a one of a kind personal experience that everyone should enjoy at least once in their lifetime.

Your Tour Guide
Meet the Master of the Macabre!
Marc Davante' is a practiced and accomplished professional magician. Marc started practicing magic at the early age of 10. He studied under the tutelage of grand old magicians like Frank Barrett and the famous Dr. Shock. Much to the chagrin of his mother, Marc would spend countless hours in Trenton's famous magic shop, "Barrett's World of Magic". Mark has performed in such celebrated venues as the Trenton War Memorial, Six Flags Great Adventure's Great Arena, and the Asbury Park Grand Ballroom!

Marc is also an accomplished paranormal investigator, logging countless hours throughout numerous haunted locations in the great Garden State as well as up and down the East Coast. Marc has investigated terrifying places like the Eastern State Penitentiary, NJ Pine Lands, PA Devils Hole Road, NJ Ghost Lake, Gettysburg Battle Field, the list is endless.

Marc's life long experience and passion of investigation of the strange and unusual makes him the perfect guide for your personal journey into the unknown.

The Perfect Tour Guide!
Marc Davante' professional magician, paranormal investigator, and master of the macabre invites you on a journey like you've never been on before! A journey into the dark recesses of your mind. A journey that will test your beliefs and bring you to the brink of pure terror. You may never be the same again after this ghoulish getaway! Invite Marc into your abode for a night of paranormal activity, mind control, and bone chilling illusion that will leave you questioning your sanity and beliefs. You and your guests will be immersed in unexplainable mysteries of the unknown. You might catch a glimpse of the great beyond if your not careful. Chills will run down your spine and you may find yourself frozen in your seat with fear, even though every sane brain cell you have left is telling you to run. You and your guests may think they are in control but Marc will prove them all wrong in the end as he manipulates mind and matter right under your very nose! Astonishing up close acts of mentalism, illusion, and encounters with the paranormal will leave everyone speechless!

The pull from beyond the grave and the echoes of events past will leave you breathless.

Our shows are of the highest quality and are designed to give our clients maxi
mum value.


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