Commandment #1 - Thou shall not walk in front of the monitor when someone else is singing. It is extremely distracting and very rude. "I Should Have Known Better!"

Commandment #2 - Thou shall always applaud for every singer. Someday you may be up there. (R-E-S-P-E-C-T)

Commandment #3 - Thou shall not sing back-up for someone unless they specifically ask you to. We do not need "A Little Help From Our Friends!"

Commandment #4 - Thou shall not ask the KJ if you can sing out of turn just because you've got "Leaving On Your Mind"

Commandment #5 - Thou shall not continuously ask the KJ when it will be your turn to sing. ("Enough is Enough")

Commandment #6 - Thou shall not change your tune once you get on stage and it is all keyed up. Just "Let It Be!"

Commandment #7 - Thou shall not go to karaoke and just drink water. Support your local karaoke establishment, who is paying for the entertainment, by having just "Two More Bottles Of Wine"

Commandment #8 - Thou shall not be "Swingin" the microphone by the cord, nor "Beat It" or drop it! Nor Shall one use the mike for "Good Vibrations" or "Strokin!"

Commandment #9 - Thou shall not get up on stage to sing with a drink or cigarette in hand. "Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Kiss Them Goodbye!"

Commandment #10 - Thou shall not try to take over the karaoke host just because your parents or friends are in town. Go to a studio and make a recording if they want to hear "Only You!"  






These are more guidelines than hard and fast rules.. Bottom line is please be respectful of others and have a good time.  If we all treat each other with mutual respect everyone can have more fun.

Support your karaoke establishment. Let the place holding karaoke know you appreciate and support karaoke by spending a little money there. They have to pay the KJ and, sometimes, purchase disks and equipment. If you sit and drink water all night, every night, they're not making any money and may decide karaoke isn't a good idea.  If you do not want to drink we respect that, order some food!  Come by for lunch and say Hi top the owner so you know they are getting your support.   So support the venue, bar, club or establishment you are singing in!

Drinking and smoking. Don't get your drinks or cigarettes on the microphones or other equipment. Microphones re expensive and no one wants them sticky and reeking of cigarettes.

Be nice to your KJ.  Do not yell at the KJ if your song has not come up. Different KJs use different methods for ordering the songs. Some KJs work strictly on a first come first served basis while others group songs by the type of music (a few rock songs then dance songs then slow songs...). Don't hang around the KJ nagging him/her for your turn.  On a slow night you might inquire as to how hey handle the rotation so you understand what is happening.

Please do not try to cheat the rotation. Do not try to sign up under different names or to sing multiple times with various duet partners. KJs try hard to keep the rotation fair and to see everyone gets to sing. Other singers get more than a little annoyed if you've sung twice before they've gotten to sing once. Trying to muck up the rotation may get you banned from singing at that venue.  Most KJs count duets as a turn of one of the 2 singers and limit the amount of duets any one person can participate in.  This keeps everyone at the table from signing up with one person who ends up singing every song.

Repeating of Songs.  Don't get angry if someone sings your song. There are a lot of songs to choose from so find another one! Similarly, don't put in the same song to try to show up another singer.  Most good KJs willnot allow songs to be sang twice in the same night

Singing while drunk. While we understand that you might need a little "liquid courage" to get up to sing, please don't sing while you're obviously intoxicated. You might think you sound wonderful, but you probably don't.  

Respect your fellow singers. Remember that each singer has patiently waited on his or her turn to sing. Don't get up and sing along with them unless they ask for your help. Dont go over and sing to them, as it throws them off.  It's also bad manners to sing so loudly from your table that you can be heard above them.  Try not to walk between the monitor displaying the words and the singer while they are singing.

Applaud for Everyone. Sometimes its time to applaud, just because the song is over and you do not have to hear them sing anymore.  No matter how talented the singer, offer your applause when he or she finishes performing. Even if the singer was off-key, it took courage to get up and sing. Besides, karaoke is more about fun than about having a professional talent level. Making fun of the singer reflects badly on you.

Respect the equipment and your fellow patrons. Never scream into the microphone or swing it around by the cord. (especially if it is wireless)  Not only does it NOT make you look cool, but the microphone could disconnect from the cord and hit someone. This practice could damage expensive equipment. NEVER scream into the microphone for any reason. It's childish and painful to the audience and it does not make you look cool either.  Remember speakers that may be on the ground are not drink stands and the KJs work area is definitely not a good place to park your drink.  Alcohol + Electronics is not a good mixture.

Remember Your Bartender, Servers and KJ. Bartenders and servers are what keep the food and beverages coming.  They live entirely on tips.  If you like the service and your KJ is doing a good job, remember to tip them. It's a tangible way to let them know you appreciate their good service.  Remember tips are for a good performance or great show.. not to get preferential treatment in the karaoke rotation.

Performance versus fun.  Remember Karaoke is all about fun, but also remember that many people spend time practicing and love performing.. be respectful of their performance and have fun as much as you can.  Try different songs as often as possible No one wants to hear the same 3 or 4 songs form each person every week.  Expand your horizons by trying new songs.

Ballads versus Dance.  We usually tell people they can warm up with a ballad, but once we get going, try to keep it upbeat.  People come to clubs to have a good time, so unless you are just going to knock it out of the park with your vocals, please keep it upbeat, so everyone can have a great time!