Songs Slips and You.If the rotation list is the pulse of the Karaoke Show, then the songs slips are the life blood that keeps that pulse going.We ask singer to please fill out a song slip for every song you wish to sing.Basically if you want to ensure that youll sing the song you want to, put in a song slip.There are some venues we have been performing at for years and we have regular singers who come in just about every single week. We've gotten to know these singers on a personal level so we do pay them a courtesy and put there songs in from our karaoke programs saved list. There is no guarantee that we will be able to do this, especially if its busy. Please dont assume we can do this, we ask to pay us the courtesy to come up and ask if you should put slips in and please dont get offended if we ask you to do so. Basically if you want to ensure that you'll sing the song you want to, put in a song slip.


Why Cant I Put All My Songs Slips In At Once?

Our rule is you may only have two song slips in at any one time. That means you may initially put in two slips then bring another one up when you are called to sing or bring up two more after your second song, providing you have no more slips already in!


If a singer were to hand us a stack of say ten song slips, two things might occur:

  1. Your name for later songs would move off our screen and we might miss your song due to us not remembering to scroll down the list.

  2. Its not fair to allow singers to monopolize certain songs. If you put in ten songs at once and another singer puts in a slip for one of the same songs on one of your ten slips then the other singer is out of luck.


Be fair, besides if you can do ten songs then you are talented enough to pick something else if someone sings a song you do. The other singer might not have the repertoire you do and subsequently will miss out on the fun of singing. Variety is the spice of life, mix it up! Song Slip Etiquette.


Please dont just hand the KJ a song slip and walk away. Wait for the KJ to read the slip and acknowledge your request. This is very important because you may not be able to perform that song due to a number of reasons like:

  • Someone has already submitted a song slip for the same song you are trying to submit.

  • Someone has already sung the song you are submitting. If the person whole sang the song is still in the bar it is considered bad form to allow someone else to sing the same song. Even if the person who sang the song has left, the song may have been recently sung or sung twice already. No one wants to hear 32 renditions of The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald in one night!

  • Our song collection is very large and constantly updated, consequently all our songs are not listed in our huge song book. If you put in a song slip for a song not in our book, please wait for the KJ to look it up to ensure we have it.

  • Some songs are no longer available due to damage or other technical difficulty.


Put Your Own Slips In. Please dont put slips in for others without them knowing you are doing so! Nothing slows down a show and pisses off singers and the audience more than Kamikaze Karaoking some one and have them hem and haw about coming up to sing. Or worse have them hem and haw then not come up to sing! This is one great way to piss off the KJ!


Another thing is to have someone hem and haw, not sing, and think that you or someone else will run up and fill in for them. Guess what? Youre not coming up and filling in because your not in the rotation because, say it with me, You havent put your own song slip in!


See it all works out.


Dont Try To Cheat.Any singer who turns in requests under different names, in an attempt to defeat the rules of rotation, will not be allowed to sing for the remainder of the show.Its the KJs job to keep every part of the Karaoke Show machine running smoothly, if one component of that machine is out of sync then the whole machine sputters and runs like crap and thats no fun for anyone. Help us keep the show going and the fun flowing!!!ult to keep it organized!