Check out our informative video featuring live video footage of a few of the many weddings we have had the honor to perform at!

It's Your Special Day!


Two people in love joining together as one. It's one of the happiest and most important days of your lives! We at Superstar Entertainment understand what a special occasion this is. In our over 20 years in business we have provided services for hundreds of successful wedding receptions and our experience shines through at every one. Our DJ's are immaculately attired in crisp clean tuxedos. Our equipment is state of the art, top notch, and very unobtrusive, we pride ourselves on our dignified manner during your special day!   Personalized Service. We offer personalized service from start to finish and we make sure each detail regarding your entertainment is absolutely perfect. We will meet with you as many times as you desire to go over anything that comes to mind. Experience and Details. We are wedding experts and we cover all the details like song lists with suggestions for songs for each event at your reception. With so many wedding receptions under our belt we can take care of any situation that might arise and we really know just about every detail that it takes to make a successful event. Small details like wireless microphones for toasts are like second nature to us at Superstar Entertainment. An experienced DJ can make or break any event, this is especially important at a Wedding Reception. Our DJ's have the experience that lets them expertly read a crowd and adjust the music accordingly. Our success rate in getting people out of their seat and on to the dance floor is legendary! Coordination is Key. Our DJ's are also master emcee's and they keep the evening flowing at a pleasant enjoyable pace, all the while keeping your guests informed and right in the center of the action. We work very closely with all the professionals that are helping make this the happiest of your days. In our over 20 years in business we have developed great working relationships with countless wedding services. Caterers, Photographers, Venue Managers and all the rest love working with us because our reputation for coordination excellence proceeds us.